security doorIt’s awfully necessary to install reliable steel doors and other security features at the entrances of your home or building to discourage, or at least delay, intrusion.   Doors and main entrances must be secured to prevent burglaries.  Aside from break-ins, there are issues of bad weather and poor ventilation concerning a structure.  In both residential and commercial settings, securing entrances is a priority in order to maintain safety of life and property.  This gives everyone peace of mind, especially during times of great uncertainties.  You can’t afford to be complacent and careless.

Burglars are prepared to vandalise and ransack a property they target, but a good security door can make all the difference between a successful burglary and a failed attempt.  Steel is one of the sturdiest and most dependable materials for securing entrances.  It is fire retardant, versatile and affordable, not to mention visually appealing.  The right gauge of steel gives the door the required strength and durability needed to secure door entrances.  The application of protective coating makes the door resistant to corrosion and rust, making it longer-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

Steel security door is not only great for retail store application.  It is likewise suitable as communal door, fire exit door, acoustic door, sports hall door, and even residential door.  The door can be customised according to individual requirements.  It may be fitted with special locks, ventilation windows, glass windows, door viewers, screen panels, and acoustic layers to meet specific purposes.  For areas where the steel door may be prone to corrosion and rust, stainless steel material or anti-rust coating may be used.

Steel is naturally fire retardant, but special layer of flame-control or fire-free chemical renders steel doors extra resistant to fire.  Since steel conducts heat, it serves as a good indicator when fire breaks out in a certain room, preventing from accidentally entering a room where there’s fire, spreading the fire and worsening the matter.  Meanwhile, peep holes and door viewers allow for enhanced security against intrusion.  Special viewers can be installed to give a better, clearer view of what’s outside without opening the door.

Security doors need not be all-steel that’s thick and solid, as this doesn’t promote good ventilation.  To keep proper air circulation, the security door may be fitted with screen panels to prevent insects from entering but facilitate air passage.  Screen panels likewise allow daylight to brighten the interior without totally compromising security as in the case of leaving doors open.  Of course, to make the doors stylish, they may be embossed or fabricated to display patterns and textures, aside from coating them with paint.


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